Choice of Connoisseurs 12 Reusable Granite Whiskey Ice Cubes Stones with Velvet Pouch and Tongs Gift Box Set

$15.97 (as of March 18, 2018, 9:27 am)

THE PERFECT GIFT – DESIGNED TO LOWER THE TEMPERATURE of your favourite drink NOT MAKE IT ICE COLD tasteless and diluted. Whiskey Stones and Scotch Rocks are designed to chill just enough to release the delicate flavour and aroma that you love so much. Enjoy the full strength flavour of your favourite Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon all the way to the last mouth full.
12 STONES and TONGS – With 12 stones in our set you can invite all your friends to share great times. Using the tongs to place the Whiskey Stones in your glass keeps your stones colder while preparing your drinks. The less you touch the stones with your hands the colder they will stay.
NON POROUS – Natural Granite won’t absorb smells or ordors from other items in your freezer or from your drink keeping the integrity pure and the SMOOTH ROUNDED EDGES wont scratch your favourite whiskey glasses

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